Strategic Digital Marketing

In today’s scenario, digital marketing has become extremely essential to help a business grow and increase conversion rates. Digital marketing encompasses any type of promotional activity carried through the web and when done with Dolphin Unisys, it can help to generate a lot of leads easily. Our expert team can help your business grow, improve your brand visibility, and boost your sales and ROI with proper implementation of digital marketing strategy.

We provide various kinds of digital marketing strategies that can make businesses stay ahead in the competition and generate substantial revenue quickly. Our SEO, Local SEO, Social media organic and paid marketing, Google Ad and Chatbot development are some of the important strategies of digital marketing that can help boost business online.


Search Engine Optimization can improve the search ranking of a web page that increases the online visibility of a business. It is an absolute necessity for attaining success in digital marketing and it is where a legit and reputed SEO agency like Dolphin Unisys is so important to hire. We can help increase brand awareness, increase website traffic as your website becomes more visible to your customers and prospects.

Local SEO

To promote your products and services to your local customers to meet the needs at the right time is highly important to significantly boost the prospects of your business. Local SEO is incredibly effective to make a business grow as it can attract new customers easily. We are a specialist company for Local SEO and can make your business searchable at the local level with the choice of right keywords.

Social Media Marketing

Organic social media marketing: Organic social media digital marketing strategy goes without paid promotion and it indicates how many users follow your posts in a natural way. The organic social media marketing strategy can be very effective when you take the help of an experienced digital marketing service agency like Dolphin Unisys.

Paid social media marketing: Paid social media marketing can be a very effective digital marketing strategy that is influenced by advertising. It can include lead generation forms, ad optimized for clicks, video ads, etc, and with the help of a reputed digital marketing service like us it can make your business successful. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, and many other social media networks can be used for paid social media marketing strategy effectively with Dolphin Unisys.  

Facebook Messenger Chatbot for Lead Generation

It is important to embrace the cutting edge technologies like Facebook messenger chatbot to communicate effectively with the customers. It can promise better customer service, growth of company, more generation of leads, more conversions and better sales. With the enormous possibilities of artificial intelligence used in automated messaging software in messenger chatbot, it is essential for you to hire the service of Dolphin Unisys, to get the best of this wonderful technology.

Google Ads

The single most popular pay per click advertising campaign is Google Ads that was formerly popular as Google Adwords. We can help you with ad that will appear on the search engine of Google that can reap rich rewards for you in terms of customer engagement and increased sales revenue. We can very effectively manage the pay per click model of Google Ad to get increased brand awareness, faster results than SEO, high quality audience, influence the audience to make quick purchase decision, etc.

Srikant Bang Owner at Robo Learnings

Dolphin Unisys has performed beyond expectations. They have helped us implement and execute digital marketing techniques thus growing organic social media presence and helped us reach a new audience.

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